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  • How to connect the cable connector? How to waterproof?

    Power cord connectors are divided into “+ word connection method”, “word connection method”, “T-word connection method” and so on. Connections should be tangled, smooth and redundant. How are the cables connected? What is the waterproof solution for cable gland...
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  • A complete list of common terminal types

    A complete list of common terminal types

    A terminalis part of a connector. It is located in the inner structure of the insulating layer casing and is a copper sheet with holes on both sides. Wires can be plugged in to complete the electrical connection. There are usually several terminals in the connector, each of which has a ductile co...
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  • Installation precautions

    1. The screws must be tightened, 2. The cable and copper nose must be inserted in place and compressed with pliers. Circular pre insulated terminal, cold pressing terminal, power fittings, fork pre insulated terminal, needle pre insulated terminal, sheet pre insulated terminal, bullet fully insul...
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